Harry Styles Offered His Sage Advice For The Eternal Query, ‘Should I Text Him?’

Though I’ve yet to experience the glory myself, I’ve heard that one of the best things about a Harry Styles live performance is the entire atmosphere of the show. It’s not just the incredible music, or the presence of Harry himself, it’s the whole support system that his decidedly woke, feminist behavior toward his bevy of young female fans has created in his wake.

So it’s not surprising that on his recent tour, one of the highlights of the night was when Harry took the time to respond to a fan’s sign. It wasn’t one asking for his hand in marriage or begging to be noticed, no, in fact the question was much more existential: Should I text him?.

That’s probably why the question caught Harry’s eye in the first place. He might be a superstar, but he’s still human, and the challenges of communicating desire with someone who may or may not be interested remain! So Harry goes off into a bit of a monologue about what he thinks, and fans went crazy when he finished with the epic concluding thought: “My personal opinion is that if there’s any sort of games, trash, trash, trash, not for you.” Now that’s a pop star opinion I can happily co-sign. Check out his full thoughts above.