Jack Antonoff Rattled Off A List Of Other Celebrities He Looks Like And He’s Absolutely Correct

Bleachers performed on Late Night yesterday (December 21), but before that, Jack Antonoff sat down for a chat with Seth Meyers. During the interview, Jack Antonoff shared a list of celebrities he thinks he looks like, and it was spot-on.

A handful of times in the first couple minutes of the interview, Antonoff either referenced, looked at, or gestured towards Late Night bandleader Fred Armisen. Meyers noticed this and brought it up, saying, “You’re the first person who’s had this much trouble with Fred being in their eye line.”

So, Antonoff offered up an explanation, saying, “Me, Fred, Andy Samberg, Rick Moranis: we’re just a kind of person.”

Meyers asked, “So, when you’re in the same room with him, you do feel a need to be like, ‘I’m here, you’re here?'”

Antonoff answered, “I don’t feel it, but, like, other people… people on the street will be like, ‘You look like Fred Armisen.'”

Meyers noted, “I think, on an aura level, you also have a similarity, in a very positive way. I like both of your vibes a lot.”

Antonoff and Armisen then started both doing the same smile and nod to each other, which the studio audience got a kick out of.

Check out the full interview above and find Bleachers’ performance of “Alma Mater” below.