Jennie Fans Are Hyped To See Her In HBO’s ‘The Idol’… But Some Only Plan To Watch The Fancams On Twitter

The Idol, the upcoming HBO series from The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, has had some controversy. What it also has now is a release date: It was confirmed today (April 17) that the show is set to debut on Sunday, June 4 at 9 p.m. ET. A new teaser also arrived today and this excited Blackpink fans, since we got some glimpses of Jennie, who has a role in the show.

One enterprising fan already compiled the Jennie clips into a video and in all, they account for about 3 seconds of screen time:

Reactions to this teaser are so far somewhat mixed. Of course, there’s plenty of excitement for Jennie’s high-profile acting role. However, this comes after a March Rolling Stone report about the show, in which a production source claimed, “It was like three or four lines per episode for her. They didn’t let her talk that much. Her job was to sit there [and] look pretty, basically.”

So, there are fans who think the show is just using Jennie and her K-pop clout to get butts in seats.

There are also those who plan to just watch Jennie’s scenes, calling on fan pages to make fancam videos so they don’t have to sit through the whole show. (For those unfamiliar, Urban Dictionary defines “fancam” as “a video that follows a specific person performing on stage/a video that focuses on a person performing.”

In a previous interview, The Idol co-creator Sam Levinson called Jennie “so professional and hardworking” and added, “Watching her learn a full dance routine in about an hour and then perform it flawlessly 10 times in a row was amazing, and of course that’s just a tiny piece of her talent and ability.” Jennie herself also noted, “We got to meet and talk about the possibilities [of] me being in the show, and it worked out magically.”