Kacey Musgraves Previewed Two New Songs During A Recent Podcast Appearance

Three long years have gone by since Kacey Musgraves released her fourth album, Golden Hour. That somewhat changed on Thursday when the singer appeared on Dr. Maya Shankar’s podcast, <a title="" href="A Slight Change Of Plans” target=”_blank”>A Slight Change Of Plans.

On it, the singer sang a section of an upcoming song entitled “Camera Roll.” “Don’t go through your camera roll / So much you don’t know that you’ve forgotten,” she sang. “What a trip, the way you can flip / Through all the good parts of it.” Shortly after, Musgraves performed another song, this one titled “If I Was An Angel.” Here, the singer sings, “If I was an angel, I’d never have to change / I’d never have to change / But something’s gotta change.”

In a recent profile with Crack, Musgraves spoke about her upcoming album, which bears a title the singer has yet to reveal. “Sometimes I feel like this album has more of a foot in country than Golden Hour,” she said. The magazine also noted that the title track to the upcoming album is “a pared back, Latin-inflected ballad about resigning from a relationship and accepting fate without bitterness” that “swells into a pattern of guttural electric guitar, spectral strings and a chorus of voices.” Previously, she revealed Daft Punk and Weezer inspired the upcoming release.

You can listen to the full episode of A Slight Change Of Plans with Musgraves here.