Kali Uchis Is Planning On Keeping Her Fans Fed With Two Albums In Two Different Languages This Year

Kali Uchis is kicking off the new year in a major way for her fans: by announcing she’ll be dropping not one but two albums in 2023. The musician recently teased back in April of 2022 that she had completed her third and fourth album.

While she originally polled her fans on which one they wanted first, it seems they’ll be getting both — making everyone happy.

“My third album & the next are both finished, one is an English album one is a Spanish album ¿what my kuchis want first ?” Uchis previously tweeted.

“dropping both 2023,” she added as a new update.


Needless to say, her fans were incredibly excited to hear about the upcoming double drop.

“i am so excited, tears are literally running down my eyes,” one user wrote.

“It doesn’t matter which one you drop 1st. I be singing along with you in either language,” another replied, responding to her initial question.

Uchis’ last album, Sin Miedo (Del Amor Y Otros Demonios), was released back in 2020, so fans have been waiting almost three years for another full-length record from their fave. Since then, she has also put out some singles, including the most recent song, “No Hay Ley,” in September.

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