Kelly Clarkson ‘Unfortunately Likes Dicks,’ But Otherwise She’d Be All Over A Female Fan’s Hall Pass Offer

A lot of people have a celebrity “hall pass,” meaning that if somebody in a relationship had the opportunity, their partner would be OK with them sharing an intimate interaction with a specific famous person. You don’t hear a ton of stories of celebrities agreeing to this sort of arrangement, but Kelly Clarkson nearly did. There was just one thing in the way, though.

During her Chemistry Las Vegas residency performance at Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater on July 28 (as Entertainment Weekly notes), Clarkson read a female fan’s sign that said, “My girlfriend gave me a hall pass for you.” Her response? “If I was into chicks, I’d take up the offer. I just, unfortunately, like dicks.”

Clarkson’s residency has been full of headlines. At one show, she delivered a cover of the Harry Styles hit “As It Was.” Elsewhere, she addressed the recent trend of fans throwing things at performers on stage, saying, “If you’re gonna throw sh*t, throw diamonds.” The Chemistry residency coincides with Chemistry, the new album that Clarkson released in June. It’s her first non-holiday album since Meaning Of Life in 2017.

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