Labrinth Helps Launch The New Xbox With An Epic Song, ‘No Ordinary’

Labrinth had a huge gap between his first and second albums: Electronic Earth dropped in 2012, while Imagination & The Misfit Kid came out in 2019. He stayed busy with a bunch of efforts between and since then (like winning an Emmy for his work on Euphoria), and now he returns with more new music.

His latest is “No Ordinary,” as part of Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and S launch campaign, “Power Your Dreams.” It’s the kind of epic and upbeat track perfect for starting a journey, which makes it perfect for the launch campaign.

Labrinth explained his recent experiences in the music industry in an interview last year, saying, “I didn’t love the music industry much because I felt like it was more about a kind of fame game than it being about music. The way I started out was instantly commercial and instant pop. I had a lot of opinions around me at the time about trying to capitalize on the success I’ve previously had but that was boring to me. I was just like, ‘I want to go and figure out what I actually want to say as an artist, and what I want to create, and what I want to put into the world.’”

Listen to “No Ordinary” above.