Will Lady Gaga Drop An Album In 2024?

Lady Gaga already has one significant release penciled in for 2024: She’s starring as Harley Quinn opposite Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in the Todd Phillips-directed Joker: Folie à Deux due out this October. But surely she won’t let another year go by without adding to her legendary pop discography? Right?

Will Lady Gaga Drop An Album In 2024?

There are breadcrumbs. This week, Gaga posted twice to Instagram from the studio. The first shows her standing at the mic, and the second is a selfie captioned, “If anyone asks I’m at church.”

Obviously, a decorated musician spending time at the studio doesn’t exactly mean they’re recording new music. For whatever it’s worth, Universal Music Group and Haus Labs By Lady Gaga each reposted Gaga’s studio photos.

We don’t know whether Gaga is indeed working on a new album, which would be her first since 2020’s Chromatica. It also feels relevant to note that rumors swirled in November that Gaga was working with will.i.am after the two were spotted dining together.

Still, it’s best to hold out for confirmation from Gaga as to what Gaga is up to — like she did in this lengthy Instagram post from last June.