Lady Gaga Performs A ‘Cheesy’ Song She Wrote About Voter Registration

Perhaps this year more than any election year ever, music stars are using their platforms to strongly encourage their followers to register to vote. With her latest plea, Lady Gaga went all out, going as far as to write a “cheesy” (her words) song about it.

The video serves as a promotion for TurboVote.org, which gives people resources and information related to voting. Gaga prefaced her performance, “Hi, this is Stefani Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, and I wrote a sing-along about voting!” The lyrics may not be as poetic or poppy as Gaga’s other material, but they’re certainly more directly informative. Seated behind a keyboard, she began the song, “Do you know how to vote? / I know a place you can go / It’s called turbovote.org.” She goes on to explain the process of using the site to get registered to vote with insightful lyrics like, “Have your state or driver’s license / They’ll need your name and birthday / and so you all avoid a mess / have the last four numbers of your social security number / and you’ll need your home address.”

Yesterday, meanwhile, Gaga shared a less musical video about TurboVote.org, in which she takes a couple minutes to talk about the site.

Watch the videos above.

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