Lady Gaga Details The Personal Message Behind ‘Chromatica’ On A Giant Billboard In LA

Lady Gaga released her dance floor-ready album Chromatica back in May and while the instrumentals may seem carefree, Gaga has revealed much of the music is a response to her a dark period of her life. Now, in an effort to be transparent about her creative process, Lady Gaga has described the personal message behind the album on a giant billboard in LA.

On the large canvas, Gaga penned a heartfelt letter to her fans:

“I wrote this album when I was sad. I wrote this album when I was mad. I wrote poems about fear, and I asked my poems to sing. I heard sines from above I’ve never heard before — to keep going, to keep breathing, to know each lyrics was a step forward, each melody was a gift. Chromatica was a dream I had that became real. My art always teaches me something.

Chromatica taught me to dance my way through the pain. That the pain could get better, that music was my faith. Music is my religion. People are my God. I am here to serve the world and inspire as many people as possible to rejoice no matter what their circumstances are. We all deserve happiness. We are all valuable. Sometimes it just requires patience and fortitude to recognize our own strength. That is Chromatica.”

The sincere billboard is the latest insight Gaga has offered into her mental health. Recently, the singer opened up about continuing to struggle with fame, saying she’s oftentimes “triggered” when people approach her in public: “If I’m at the grocery store and somebody comes up very close to me and puts a cellphone right in my face and starts taking pictures, just total panic, full-body pain. I’m braced because I’m so afraid,” she said. “It’s like I’m an object, I’m not a person.”

See the full billboard above.

Chromatica is out now via Interscope. Get it here.

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