Lana Del Rey’s Double Video For ‘F*ck It I Love You’ And ‘The Greatest’ Is Serenely Beautiful

Over the past couple days, Lana Del Rey has been teasing a new video in support of her upcoming album Norman F*cking Rockwell, and as Del Rey tends to do, she’s doing things her own way. The clip is actually for two songs — “F*ck It I Love You” and “The Greatest,” and it’s out now. The lengthy clip is warm and nostalgic, as most things Del Rey are. In the video, she finds herself on a late-night boat ride, singing in a dive bar, and otherwise being in aesthetic environments doing aesthetic things.

Meanwhile, Del Rey was also the subject of a new Billboard profile that published today, and in it, she spoke about always wanting to make music her way, saying, “Some people really are trying to get in the mix of the zeitgeist, and that is just not my MO — never cared. My little heart’s path has such a distinct road that it’s almost taking me along for the ride. Like, ‘I guess we’re following this muse, and it wants to be in the woods. OK, I guess we’re packing up the truck!’ It’s truly ethereal, and it’s a huge pain in the ass.”

Watch the video for “F*ck It I Love You” and “The Greatest” above. Del Rey also recently announced her first tour dates in support of Norman F*cking Rockwell, so find those here. Also revisit our look at how Del Rey became the queen of soundtracks here.

Norman F*cking Rockwell is out 8/30 via Interscope/Polydor. Pre-order it here.