Lana Del Rey Apparently Could’ve Had A Song On The ‘Priscilla’ Soundtrack, According To Sofia Coppola

Lana Del Rey has paid tribute to Priscilla Presley quite a bit throughout her career. So, when Sofia Coppola’s new movie, Priscilla, hit theaters recently, fans were left wondering why she hadn’t been included on the soundtrack. As it turns out, in a new interview with E! News, Coppola did consider Del Rey to make a song for the film.

Coppola shared that she “got a lot of requests about how [Del Rey] could be part of the movie” and that “people really connect Lana Del Rey with Priscilla.”

However, things didn’t quite work out with the scheduling and timing of it all.

During the interview, Coppola also shared that she still extended an invitation to Del Rey to attend the Priscilla premiere. “I don’t think she can come, but I’m excited for her to see it,” she added.

Once fans found out the news that Del Rey very well could’ve done another Elvis-themed song, especially for a Sofia Coppola movie, they took to the internet to express their sadness.

“Lana could’ve won an oscar for an original song from Priscilla but she wanna work shifts at Waffle House…” one fan tweeted.

“Priscilla is literally one of Lana’s icons this would have been THE perfect movie song omg,” another wrote.

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