Lauv Faces Spicy Hallucinations In His Fiery ‘El Tejano’ Video With Sofía Reyes

Lauv released his debut record How I’m Feeling just last month, which boasted an impressive 21 songs. The singer returns with a psychedelic video accompanying his Sofía Reyes collaboration, “El Tejano.”

Directed by Kid. Studio and filmed pre-quarantine at the LA restaurant that inspired the song, the “El Tejano” video takes Lauv on a spicy pepper-induced trip. Lauv gives into his friends’ peer pressure and eats a hot pepper. The unexpected spiciness sends him on a mind-bending journey throughout the restaurant, complete with bizarre characters and disorienting visuals.

In an interview with Uproxx following his How I’m Feeling release, Lauv said:

“My songs are just a way for me to be honest about those things and confront them, and admit them to myself. And then it’s up to me to actually look at those things and change them. So it’s something that takes practice for me, focusing on being a better friend, step by step, when my friends call me up and making cognitive changes to be more there for them, and to spend less time on the internet, and to care less about what people think of me, and fuck with substances less. Stuff like that. The first step is admitting, but the second step is actually making change. That’s sometimes the harder part.”

Watch the “El Tejano” video above.

How I’m Feeling is out now via AWAL. Get it here.

Sofía Reyes is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.