Lorde Said Her Trip To Antarctica Helped Decide Her Third Album Title

Lorde has been slowly but surely returning to the public eye, a clue that her next album will be dropping shortly. She tends to be very public during an album release cycle and during tour, and then take a lot of time off being a celebrity when she’s in writing mode, so if she’s doing interviews, new music is about to come.

Recently, the New Zealand singer revealed that a trip to Antarctica had deeply impacted her, so much so that she’s written a book about it called Going South. She further mentioned during an extensive interview about the same freezing trip that she’s working on “the whole cinematic universe” of her next record.

Now, we’ve got something even more specific — the record itself does indeed have a title. And, she said that title was itself also influenced by her trip to the frozen tundra. “I felt incredibly inspired by going to Antarctica,” she said in a video interview with Antarctica New Zealand. “I actually decided on the album name right around that trip, just coming back from that trip I thought ‘this is what it is,’ which is not something that’s even close to being announced, and that in itself is a weird announcement. There is something so inspiring about it.”

Check this clip for her exact mention of the album title, and further reflection of why Antarctica is so inspiring:

Watch the full interview with Antarctica New Zealand here.