Lorde Is Working On The ‘Whole Cinematic Universe’ Of Her Next Album

In the years since Lorde released 2017’s Melodrama, she has kept mostly out of the public sphere, although she has popped up on occasion. That has been happening more frequently lately, and once again, we have a new dispatch from Lorde. This time, it comes via an an interview with Blackbird Spyplane, a site that describes itself as “yr no. 1 source across all media for ‘unbeatable recon’ on dope under-the-radar joints.”

During the chat, she was asked about her next album, and while she didn’t say much she hasn’t already said, she did say she’s working on “the whole cinematic universe” of it:

“I’m telling people that something is taking shape. More than ‘taking shape’ — something is — there’s a thing. But, you know, I really take my time, and I like to know the whole universe, the whole cinematic universe for what I’m making, so I’m in that process right now. I don’t know how much more I want to say. It’s such a kooky year in terms of knowing anything about timing, but I guess with me, as an artist generally, no one ever knows when anything’s coming anyway…”

There’s no word yet on whether that universe features Pablo Picasso, with whom she would definitely have had sex.

Read the full interview here.