Lorde Brought Out Muna For A Special Cover Of ‘Kind Of Girl,’ A Song She Says Gets Her ‘Choked Up’

Nearly a year after its release, Muna performed a special rendition of “Kind Of Girl” from their self-titled third album. During Lorde‘s Australian leg of her Solar Power tour, Muna has supported the New Zealand singer/songwriter as her opening act. On their final show as Lorde’s supporting act in Adelaide, Lorde brought them out, as she temporarily joined the band, singing a cover of “Kind Of Girl.”

She preceded the performance by telling the audience “It’s sort of a special night tonight. We are saying goodbye to our lovely Muna, who have been supporting us in Australia. So I thought I would bring them out to sing one of my favorite songs of theirs.”

She continued, revealing that she gets “choked up” at the song.

After the show in Adelaide, Muna took to social media to express their gratitude to Lorde and the fans.

“so thankful to @lorde and her wonderful band and team for bringing us on this aussie leg of tour,” said the trio in a tweet. “has been a pleasure to watch them perform and a total honor to sing kind of girl with her during her set last night. very grateful for this life as always.”

You can check out a clip of the performance above.