Madison Beer Delivers A Pitch-Perfect ‘Jennifer’s Body’ Remake In Her New ‘Make You Mine’ Video

Madison Beer is keeping the modern classics. Yesterday (April 24), the main pop girly shared the video for her single “Make You Mine,” which features her recreating an iconic thriller.

The song itself features Beer detailing a newfound fixation.

“I wanna feel the rush / I wanna taste the crush / I wanna get you going / I wanna lay you down / I wanna string you out / I wanna make you mine,” she sings on the song’s chorus, over an intoxicating, pulsating beat.

In the video, Beer channels Jennifer Check and Needy Lesnicky, characters played by Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, respectively, in the 2009 film, Jennifer’s Body. As the characters, Beer recreates several scenes from the movie, including the iconic walk down the hallway, the pool scene, and the dance scene.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Beer said “Make You Mine” is her favorite song she’s made to date.

“It’s just so fun, such a feel-good song,” Beer said. “It’s sexy, it’s infectious. I haven’t played it for anyone that hasn’t just like [started] dancing and felt immediately hotter after listening to it, and that’s always how I want to make people feel.”

You can see the video for “Make You Mine” above.