Mariah Carey Had A Plan To Covertly Promote Her 1995 Secret Grunge Album But Never Did

In the lead-up to Mariah Carey’s new memoir The Making Of Mariah Carey (which is out now), the singer has teased its contents, and there have been fascinating takeaways. For instance, she discussed her romance with Derek Jeter, but it looks like there will be nothing about Eminem. Another big revelation from the book emerged in recent days: Carey secretly recorded, and even released, a grungy album as Chick in 1995, titled Someone’s Ugly Daughter. She let that info slip yesterday, and she discussed the endeavor more last night during her guest spot on The Late Show.

During her chat with Stephen Colbert, Carey revealed that at one point, she had plans to don a disguise to promote the album, but the idea was ultimately shot down. She said, “I did a video, and […] I wanted it to be released so bad. My plan was I was going to dress up in a costume and make a video, and be unrecognizable and just release it and see what happened. But that got stifled by certain people at the label, so I kind of had to abandon the project.”

Elsewhere during the chat, Carey echoed some of what she previously said when initially revealing the project. She shared other new info, though, like the fact that she created the album art, which features lipstick and a dead roach.

On the show, she also discussed the book and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” finally topping the charts last year, so check out the conversation above and below.