Miley Cyrus Acknowledged Those Mysterious Posters And Now There’s A Countdown Clock, Too

Miley Cyrus put fans on high alert when she performed a brand-new song, “You,” during last year’s Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party on NBC. People demanded its release, and Cyrus crushed everyone’s hopes by commenting on Instagram, “This song is so new I haven’t even recorded it yet. Just wanted to do something special for YOU all!” But 2023 is looking up.

Cyrus confirmed another Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party last month, and this time, she’ll be co-hosting with Dolly Parton instead of Pete Davidson. She shared more about the anticipated special while visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this month.

“Right now, Sia is coming. She’s one of my favorite artists, and I love — as many wigs as we can have as possible, so we have Sia. We have Latto. Rae Sremmurd, who are friends of mine,” she told Fallon. “I mean, as we get closer to the show, I want to start revealing who else we have, but the lineup is very me. It is curated in a way that makes no sense but makes total sense.”

And when mysterious posters popped up in major cities like Los Angeles and Copenhagen last week, it made no sense. The natural assumption was that “New year, new Miley” could only mean a new era of music was imminent, but we’ve been fooled by “You” before, so it wasn’t until this morning (December 19) that it became real: Whatever Cyrus is rolling out could make total sense really soon. All of which is to say, Cyrus acknowledged said posters across her socials.

And she updated her official website’s landing page to feature a countdown clock to New Year’s Eve.

In June 2021, Guitar World reported within an interview with producer Andrew Watt that he was “on board for another record with Cyrus, though that’s still in the planning stages.” Come early January, Cyrus teased photos with the likes of Rae Sremmurd, Mike Will Made-It and others with her in the studio.

Cyrus’ most recent studio LP was November 2020’s rock triumph Plastic Hearts. She also dropped her first live album, Attention, on April 1, which included “You” on its tracklist — proof that Cyrus does deliver, on her own time.

Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party will air live on December 31 on NBC and Peacock.