A Snippet Of NSYNC’s First New Song In Over 20 Years Has Arrived Via A New ‘Trolls’ Trailer

Back in August, it was reported that NSYNC would reunite for a new song for the movie Trolls Band Together, in which the group’s Justin Timberlake of course stars as Branch. Now, we know for sure: The song, the first new musical release from the band since 2002, has been officially announced and some of it can be heard in a new trailer for the movie. It’s called “Better Place.”

This reveal comes right after the band popped up at the 2023 MTV VMAs this past weekend. They presented Taylor Swift a Best Pop Award for her song “Anti-Hero,” and she seemed absolutely over the moon that the group was there.

Earlier this year, Lance Bass spoke about assumptions people might have about how the band members are doing financially, saying, “We were famous, but we were not rich,” adding, “I made way more money after NSYNC than I did during NSYNC.” The reason? He said the band’s late manager Lou Pearlman “took the majority of our stuff.” He added, “And the record label too. Horrible, horrible deals.” Bass noted, though, “To do that with those guys, it was incredible, and you had some of the best experiences ever. I mean, obviously changed my life, led me to so many things I wanted to do in life.”

Check out the trailer above.