‘Old Town Road’ Could Possibly Get Another Remix With Mariah Carey

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“Old Town Road” quickly soared to the top of the charts since it became a viral hit, sending Lil Nas X into instant stardom. A remix of the song featuring Billy Ray Cyrus sat at the top of the Billboard charts for several weeks, and Lil Nas X has been brought out onto several festival stages to perform his hit song. The country rapper released a few other remixes of “Old Town Road,” including the most recent version with Young Thug and Walmart yodeling kid Mason Ramsey. Lil Nas X hinted that another remix could possibly be in the works soon. He asked Mariah Carey to featured on a remix of “Old Town Road,” and her reply suggests she might be down.

After the “Old Town Road” remix with Thug and Ramsey dropped, Nas took to Twitter to brainstorm other projects. “Ok Mariah Carey lets get this remix in,” he tweeted.

Mariah’s reply sparked a lot of speculation about the chance of a mashup. She replied with an old photo of herself wearing a cowboy hat. “One Sweet Town Road!” she wrote.

Many fans were stoked about the idea of Mariah hopping on a remix.

Other fans could not be more against it.



Either way, even if Mariah Carey doesn’t end up remixing “Old Town Road,” the song isn’t going away any time soon.