The Internet Has Lots Of Thoughts About Drama Between Olivia Rodrigo And Sabrina Carpenter

A trifecta of new pop songs has sparked what appears to be the most exciting pop drama in many years. As the story goes, Olivia Rodrigo wrote a song called “Drivers License” about her breakup with Joshua Bassett, who wrote a song calling her version of events a “Lie Lie Lie,” and then tonight Sabrina Carpenter dropped a song she wrote about how Olivia is not getting under her “Skin” now that Sabrina is with Joshua.

Did you get all that?

Well, obviously the internet is having a field day with this one, a welcome pop culture bit of drama that is totally calorie-free and a world away from the stress and horror of the pandemic, or the brutality of politics that have otherwise dominated the last few months. The primary reaction is that both Olivia and Sabrina are way out of Joshua’s league, but plenty of people are eager to take sides or weigh in on the best display of petty 2021 has seen so far! I mean, we’re barely into the year but I still don’t see a lot of people getting into it with more flair than these three have.

In case you wanted my pick, I’m firmly Team Olivia. And that’s mostly because her song is lightyears better than the other two. Check out some of the best responses to the situation below.