Here Is The Olivia Rodrigo Merch Available At The ‘Guts World Tour’

Olivia Rodrigo kicked off her Guts World Tour in California just a few days ago, and this is just the beginning of her stops. Fans have been preparing their purple-and-glitter-themed costumes for a while, just waiting to show them off. Part of the concert experience is also picking up some merch to commemorate the time spent there, and Rodrigo’s selection does not disappoint.

Here’s what Livies going to an upcoming Guts World Tour date can expect to find.

Here Is The Olivia Rodrigo Merch Available At The Guts World Tour

Olivia Rodrigo has a ton of merch items at her tour. Starting off, there are many different top options. There’s a black Guts hoodie with images of Rodrigo on the front, which runs for $80, according to Reddit. There are three different t-shirt options in gray, purple, and cream, with varied designs. These shirts cost $45. There’s also a purple crewneck which is $60.

For accessories, there’s also loads of options. The viral charm bracelet is $40. There’s a giant purple butterfly tote bag for $50. Rodrigo also has some items on the lower-priced side, including bandages for $15, face gems for $10, a sticker sheet for $10, and a light-up star for $15.

Last, but certainly not least, if you wanted to pick up a tour poster for Rodrigo’s show, it is being sold for $20.

Rodrigo even creatively organized the items into a early 2000s-inspired photoshoot. Check out some of the Guts World Tour merch below.