Robyn, Neneh Cherry, And Mapei Reimagine ‘Buffalo Stance’ To Honor Trans Awareness

In a new video for “Buffalo Stance” by Robyn, Mapei, and Neneh Cherry, a reimagination of the lattermost’s 1988 single, actor Indya Moore is joined by a group of dancers as they move freely throughout every corner of the house. By way of make-up, fashion, and hairstyling, these dancers define gender norms, expressing themselves unabashedly.

Though Robyn, Cherry, and Maipei themselves don’t appear in the video for the Dev Hynes-produced update, a poster of Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi album cover art can be seen on one of the walls.

“Now that this beautiful video is out, I have a cluster of different emotions but mostly an overwhelming sense of gratitude is leading the way,” said Cherry on Twitter. “‘Buffalo Stance,’ born in a council flat in Edith Road, West London; a collaborative journey between myself, Cam & Jamie Morgan – a happy accident waiting to happen? Somehow that day we managed to capture something, a life force; the essence of what we’ve needed to keep us going. A key to inner strength, perseverance, unapologetic existence crammed together to create this song. The result has brought many surprises over the years…. and now again it’s happening. I am profoundly moved by [director] India Sleem, Indya Moore & all these beautiful creatures that felt motivated to take part in the rebirth of Buffalo Stance… come again. I’m so honoured. We are here to stay! Move over, give us room, give us space! One love.”

Check out “Buffalo Stance” above.