Rosalía Shared Her Side Of The Story About She And Rauw Alejandro Ending Their Engagement

One of the biggest pieces of news in the music world from the past few days (a particularly busy stretch with Sinéad O’Connor’s death and Tom DeLonge’s role in the congressional UFO hearings) has been Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro calling off their engagement and breaking up. Following the initial reports, we’ve heard Alejandro’s perspective, and now Rosalía has shared hers.

Rosalía posted a statement on her Instagram Story today (July 27), writing, “Yo quiero, respeto y admiro muchísimo a Raul. Ni caso a las películas, nosotros sabemos lo que hemos vivido. Este momento no es fácil así que gracias a todo el mundo por entender y respetar [white heart emoji].” That roughly translates to (via ChatGPT), “I love, respect, and admire Raul very much. I don’t pay attention to the gossip; we know what we’ve lived through. This moment is not easy, so thanks to everyone for understanding and respecting it.”

rosalia rauw alejandro

In his own recent statement, Alejandro said his and Rosalía’s engagement actually came to an end a few months ago and noted of rumors surrounding the break-up, “There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup, but in our case, it was not because of third parties or infidelity.”