Tayla Parx Gets Over An Ex With Bubble Baths And Baked Goods In Her ‘Sad’ Video

For everyone who has used the pandemic as the chance to take a little time off, know that Tayla Parx is not in that phase. The acclaimed songwriter has recently been focused on her own solo career, dropping her debut album We Need To Talk in spring of 2019, and following that up very quickly with last fall’s Coping Mechanisms. Previous singles off the project include a jumpy acoustic song called “Residue” and the ebullient “Fixerupper”.

Today she’s highlighting a different song from the release, one titled “Sad,” that’s a kiss off to an ex who will be missing out on a lot now that they’re not dating Parx. According to the colorful video, full of bubble baths and a kitchen brimming with baked goods, Tayla herself doesn’t seem to be all that broken up about. But she said that listening to the song now is like looking at a time capsule. “My favorite part about releasing my own music is that it’s a bit of a time capsule into my emotions,” Parx. said “When I listen to ‘Sad’ now it’s so funny that somebody could affect me so much so, that I wrote this quirky song about it. Maybe it wasn’t the healthiest reaction, but it was my own coping mechanism at the time.”

Check out her “Sad” video above, in case you need some help finding coping mechanisms of your own.