Taylor Swift’s ‘August’ And Adorable Spinning Pets Are Taking Over TikTok With A Hilarious New Trend

Though Taylor Swift may be on a quick break from her Eras Tour, she continues to take the world by storm. The “Karma” hitmaker has the Swifties abuzz with several versions of her 1989 set to arrive this fall. She’s also teased some of her new music in shows like The Summer I Turned Pretty and Wilderness.

But as the Swifties are known to do, they’ve taken her music into their own hands to keep the buzz for all of her eras going. The latest is her Folklore era, which began upon the album’s release in the summer of 2020. On the album was a song called “August,” which became a fan-favorite deep cut.

The song is currently going viral on TikTok, in perhaps the most adorably chaotic way possible. Several TikTok users have used “August” in clips of them spinning their pets around in circles. In one video, a fan picks up her dog, holds the dog tightly, and spins around, to the amusement of the dog.

Another video shows a fan spinning their cat around, with the cat appearing shocked.

A search through the “August” sound on TikTok will display even more precious videos of Swiftie pets.


When you turn 56 on August 20th 😻 #catsoftiktok #cattok @Taylor Swift @Taylor Nation

♬ august – Taylor Swift

Be sure to catch these clips before August slips away in a moment of time.