Taylor Swift Is Expected To Earn Over $100 Million Through Her 2023 Spotify Streams Alone

Taylor Swift is continuing her wildly massive reign this year, as she has reportedly made over $100 million through her earnings on Spotify. The pop star’s 26.1 billion global streams not only have earned her the distinction of the Top Global Artist on Spotify’s Wrapped statistics but also a massive paycheck, according to Billboard‘s calculations for the streaming service’s royalty payment system.

In total, when entering Swift’s number of global streams, the publication estimated that she would earn $97 million for them — with an added bit for the rest of December. (Spotify stopped counting early to drop their annual Wrapped feature, but Swift would still be making money on streams through the end of the year.)

The number of Swift’s Spotify earnings would be even higher when other aspects like “publishing revenue” are factored in, making them list her actual 2023 paycheck estimation at $131 million. Most of this would also go to her directly, as she owns most of her masters — and is in the process of re-recording two more of her original albums to regain control and sole ownership.

This news comes just a few days after the company announced that they would be adjusting the rules of their royalty system, with the hopes of preventing fraudulent streaming inflation.