Timbaland Wanted Justin Timberlake To Put A ‘Muzzle’ On Britney Spears, But Fans Think He’s The One Who Needs It

Hip-hop has had a misogyny problem almost as long as it has been around. And yes, it’s a reflection of the larger society around it, but it’s easier to see it when everyone in the genre has a microphone and a platform from which to blast some of their most wrongheaded ideas.

In recent years, plenty has improved. More women than ever are charting and making their voices heard, and many more overt examples of sexism are being called out. That’s what happened when Timbaland, the veteran super producer responsible for some of pop music’s biggest hits, overstepped his bounds as he addressed Britney Spears’ recent tell-all memoir.

During an onstage discussion at the Afrotech Conference in Austin, Texas this past weekend, Timbaland was asked by an attendee if he’d seen the headlines coming out about the book, especially in reference to his “Cry Me A River” collaborator Justin Timberlake. In response, Tim joked, “I wanted to call JT and say, ‘Man! You gotta put a muzzle on that girl.’”

While the crowd in attendance laughed — because, again, the society around us is still rooted in sexism — fans online didn’t appreciate his comment, calling him out in replies to viral reposts of the video of the response.

“Timbaland is the one who needs a muzzle,” wrote one fan. “We didn’t forget about his gross Aaliyah comments. He’s still upset Britney didn’t want to work with him. A nasty man.”

“why do men feel like they can silence women,” another wondered. “he’s a weirdo.”

Check out more responses to Timbaland’s ill-advised joke below.