Zara Larsson Accepts That People ‘Can’t Tame Her’ On Her New Synth-Pop Anthem

Zara Larsson is shining incredibly bright on her new anthem, “Can’t Tame Her.” The upbeat synth pop instrumental propels things forward and makes it a recognizable hit upon the first listen.

“No you can’t tame the girl / Cause she runs her own world,” she sings on the chorus.

Lyrically, there’s also a ton of inspiration that Larsson pulled from the way she feels women are viewed by those who don’t truly know them.

“If you are in the public eye of any sort, I think a lot of people have a perception of who you are and who you should be,” she told Billboard. “People want to put girls in a box of what you should do or not. In the public eye, you have a lot of people telling you what’s wrong or how you should do something differently. I’m out there, I’m very loud and I try to stay true to myself and surround myself with people who care about me, so we can all help each other and protect each other. Really good friends.”

She also dropped a futuristic-style music video for the track that literally finds her seeing double. By the time the second verse hits, things take a completely different visual turn. With several costume and scenery changes and some wild psychedelic effects, this is one not to miss.

Listen to Zara Larsson’s “Can’t Tame Her” above.