Here Are The 10 Worst Lines (And 1 Best Superman Punch) In The Trailer For Gina Carano’s ‘In The Blood’

I was sad when I found out the upcoming film In The Blood wasn’t Gina Carano’s take on Truman Capote.

Instead, someone took Haywire, the 1999 Mel Gibson classic Payback and the game FarCry 3 and just crammed them the hell together, creating a weird tropical island mystery action thriller where Gina Carano shoots at stuff while an ethnically-diverse group of bad guys quips their asses off. I guess when you make a movie with Gina Carano you have to fill the non-armbreaker or Superman Punches moments with character actors pretending to be extras in Commando.

Here’s the first trailer, and it is spectacular.

And now, our 10 favorite lines of horrible, horrible dialogue:

1. “Where you gonna run little rabbit, you’re in MY ISLAND!”
2. “Somebody’s gonna put you down … you put them in the ground!”
3. “You hit hard!”
4. “Just in case I don’t see you again …” “Don’t SAY THAT!”
5. “Everything you see is not really what it is.”
6. punch sound effect
8. “There’s no record of your husband being admitted into any hospitals” (line read courtesy of Greendale alum Luis Guzman)
9. “I understand you’re the main beneficiary of all his assets.” (this one, too)
10. “I’m his wife … and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get him back!”

Can’t wait for this. I love that now there’s an entire genre of “MMA fighter does armbars and superman punches” action films. One day Gina and Ronda Rousey will try to armbar and superman punch each other simultaneously and it’ll make a billion dollars*.

*6 million, tops.