5 Things You Need To See From Last Night’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 7

Yesterday’s edition of Watch This made a bold prediction that the Miami Heat would defeat the Indiana Pacers by 2,000 points in Game 7 of the NBA Easter Conference Finals. The Pacers took Game 6 with embarrassing ease, so of course the end of the story is “the Heat get their shit together and win by as much as humanly possible.” It wasn’t by 2,000, but it was by 23, and that’s still pretty bad.

If you missed the game (because you were watching hockey, or guys pretend to underwear fight each other) don’t worry … we’ve collected the five moments from the game you couldn’t afford to miss.

1. “Stop flopping!”

Late in the first, Paul George hits a three. Mario Chalmers collapses to the ground like an idiot, and no call is made. On the way back up the court, George has a very clear message for Chalmers: “Stop flopping!” Every instance of flopping should involve the ref stopping play, and everyone on both teams screaming STOP FLOPPING in the flopper’s face. STOP IT.

(video via Larry Brown)

2. LeBron James’ sky-high alley-oop

With about 8 1/2 minutes left to go in the second quarter, the Heat executed an alley-oop so ridiculous LeBron almost bashed his forehead into the rim. Norris Cole throws the ball pretty high, but he could’ve thrown it up another four feet and LeBron wouldn’t have had problems catching it. A total Space Jam moment, but in real life. LeBron James is good at basketball. Did you know that?

3. Justin Bieber’s Stupid Hat

Sorry, this is Toad from the Mushroom Kingdom. I can’t find a picture of Bieber.

4. Flo Rida’s manager (and other people) get ejected

Norris Cole and Pacers forward Jeff Pendergraph got into it late in the fourth and were ejected. Also ejected was a random guy in the crowd who won’t stop screaming at/threatening Pendergraph. That random guy happens to be the manager of Flo Rida, who you may know best as being Not Pitbull. I can only assume that Flo Rida was somewhere watching the fake fighting.

You can check out more about what happened at That NBA Lottery Pick or move on with your life knowing that Flo Rida’s manager screams at basketball players and missed the last two minutes of a horrifying rout.

5. Shaq Goes Down

In this video, Shaq is the Indiana Pacers.