50 Cent Can’t Believe People Still Talk About His Terrible First Pitch

01.09.18 3 months ago

Getty Image

Rapper 50 Cent is known for a lot of things. Drinking rum like it’s your birthday. Grapefruits. Or maybe his role as Air Marshal 50 Cent in Soul Plane 2.

All of these are memorable Curtis Jackson moments in pop culture. But if you’re a sports fan, your first thought might be of his truly awful first pitch before a Mets game before you recall any of that. The now infamous pitch is one of the worst celebrity first pitches in the history of baseball, which is a high bar to clear, but 50 Cent is nothing if not an overachiever.

The pitch happened in 2014 when he was promoting his Animal Ambition album. If you somehow haven’t seen it, please enjoy this beautiful footage of his wildly inaccurate effort at throwing a baseball over home plate.

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