A Baltimore Pizzeria Is Offering Free Pies In Exchange For Ray Rice ‘Toilet Paper’

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09.09.14 2 Comments

While the Baltimore Ravens have announced that they will eventually be allowing fans the opportunity to exchange their Ray Rice jerseys, one pizzeria has a more immediate alternative. Hersh’s Pizza and Drinks on Light Street in Baltimore announced on its Facebook page yesterday that fans who have proudly worn Rice’s No. 27 leading up to his incredible fall from grace can trade their jerseys in for a free pizza. Naturally, like most zany restaurants, the folks at Hersh’s did it with a little humor.

The response from customers seems to be mostly positive, as the announcement has been shared more than 1,000 times and a lot of the 160+ comments have been praising Hersh’s for its sentiment. Of course, there are still people who think that wiping one’s b-hole with mesh is a bad idea, or they simply love men who beat up women, because there have been complaints, too. For example…

I assume that the attempt to “capitalize” in this case refers to the free attention that Hersh’s is getting, but it’s not really entirely about the pizzeria. In a follow-up post, it was revealed that there is a little more to this than just a joke about butt-wiping at the expense of a disgraced athlete and the woman who defends him.

Still, donations to domestic violence organizations aside, there are people who simply don’t agree with this promotion at all.

Some people just want to watch the world, and their pizza cheese, burn.

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