Video: A Soccer Player Injured Himself Celebrating His First Goal

The video above features a 19-year old soccer player named Maurides and for a brief moment during Internacional’s 3-1 victory over América Mineiro on Wednesday, he was the happiest man in the world. Until the 88th minute of this third round game in the 2013 Cope de Brasil tournament, Maurides had never scored a goal in his young career, but then he struck gold and put one in with his head to drive the crowd nuts.

Now, Maurides could have just taken a quick celebratory lap and high-fived and hugged his teammates accordingly, as they had the game all locked up. But this was the guy’s first goal and he wanted to showboat a little bit, so he performed a little flip for the crowd… and he sprained his knee when he landed.

Poor kid, he was just a few minutes away from sleeping on top of a pile of Brazilian women. Instead he had to be carried out on a stretcher.

(Via Inside World Soccer)