Aaron Rodgers Showed Off His Incredible Arm By Dropping A Bomb Into A Tiny Target

08.02.16 3 years ago

Aaron Rodgers is unnaturally good at throwing a football into a tight space. We’ve seen him win multiple games with the most improbable hail mary’s you’ll ever see, but it’s probably his ability to hit football trick shots with perfection that really shows off just how accurate and powerful his arm is.

Rodgers once again showed off his abilities during a recent Green Bay Packers family night, where the former two-time NFL MVP managed to throw a ball into a small net a full 40 yards away. To make it even more impressive, Rodgers even looked off the faux defense before tossing it.

If it was any other QB, you could maybe make the argument it was a fluke, but Rodgers has made a habit out of doing stuff like this over the years and it reflects on his in-game performance.

Jordan Rodgers may have (big spoiler alert coming for all you hardcore Bachelorette fans out there) won The Bachelorette on Monday evening, but his brother has outshined him once again. No wonder they don’t get along.

(Via Packers)

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