Scott’s Long Putter Is A War Crime

04.11.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

If you didn’t listen to my appearance on Dan Levy’s podcast this morning then you haven’t heard my totally awesome and not-over-the-top-at-all take on Adam Scott’s long putter, which he uses with an overhand grip while bracing the end of the shaft up against his chest (ah, that takes me back). And my opinion on the Aussie’s unconventional club is pretty simple: that putter is a war crime and should be banned.

I’ve seen lots of older players use the longer putters that brace against the belly or chest while swung, and if you’re an older guy that can’t really bend over the ball as you could have in days of yore, that’s understandable. I GUESS I could even be sympathetic to a Champions Tour player looking to eke another year or two out of his career. But Scott is 31, with a presumably healthy back, and that pool cleaner he keeps in his bag has no place on the PGA Tour.

For that putter to be legal in a major tournament, or any professional tournament at all, is a joke. Maybe Scott could also use a hockey stick, croquet mallet, or an old lead pipe out of the groundskeeper’s shed. Buy a real putter, Adam. Use it. Live it. And maybe then you’ll have a major championship from which your fans can take pride. Putting with Helen Keller’s walking stick won’t do.

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