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South Africa is supposed to host next year’s World Cup, and without getting too deep into metaphors, it’s gonna be the Africa of World Cups.

Recently missed deadlines underscore the tight schedule the country faces in getting 10 venues prepared for the start of the tournament on June 11, 2010. [Ed. note: Four of the unfinished stadiums were supposed to be done last month, and the other six have “unrealistic” deadlines of next December.]…

When South Africa first bid for the World Cup finals, it was estimated the tournament would attract about 900,000 visitors to the country. Now the predicted number is less than half that number…

Oh, and the price tag for South Africa to build everything is six times what they predicted.  And anyone who blows the whistle on corruption gets murdered.  Wait, where are you going?  I haven’t gotten to the AIDS pandemic yet!!!

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