Al Michaels Memorialized Frank Gifford At The Hall Of Fame Game On Sunday

Frank Gifford was a football legend, both on the field and in the broadcast booth, and he passed away on Sunday, a week before his 85th birthday. As one of the marquee stars of the bygone days of two NFL institutions — the New York Giants and Monday Night Football — it’s no surprise that his death would hit the senior members of sports media the hardest. Al Michaels is one such senior member, an institution in his own right.

Michaels and Gifford hosted Monday Night Football together for 12 years. So, when Michaels looked right at those watching the Hall of Fame Game on Sunday night to remember Gifford, he did so as a friend and colleague. Michaels called Gifford “a special man in so many ways,” and briefly reminisced over his football and media career. One would assume that Michaels could talk for far longer than a minute about the man, but, constricted by the NFL preseason game he was there to call, he couldn’t say much more on a personal level than, “No matter what was going on around him, he was always the coolest guy in the room.”

We should all be as lucky as Gifford to count on an eloquent speaker like Al Michaels to speak lovingly about us when we’re gone.

(Via NBC Sports)