All Men Must Skate: Here Are Your Game Of Thrones House Sigil Banners For Every NHL Team

Here’s an explanation for the existence of Game Of Thrones-style NHL sigil banners from their creator, Tumblr’s Catskat26, as if you needed an explanation beyond “here are Game Of Thrones-style NHL sigil banners”:

I really love medieval fantasy (The Tortall books, A Song of Ice and Fire, etc.), and I love hockey. I recently got an idea of: “Why not make a sigil banner for each NHL team?!” So I did!

I told myself that I’d do one per day, but I kinda got on a roll and ended up finishing the project in a week!hahaha

The Caps are House Stark, right? Because every time you think they’re gonna win, somebody loses a body part.

Pick your favorite:

Which one’s your favorite, Jon?


h/t SOB