All The Nick Diaz Quotes You Need In Your Life

01.27.15 3 years ago
nick diaz


This Saturday, UFC 183 will be headlined by former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson “The Spider” Silva taking on Nick Diaz. Diaz is a notorious trash talker, and when he isn’t running away from interviewers, provides some amazing, thought-provoking quotes. Here’s a collection of the quotable Nick Diaz (Stockton, 209, what?!)

On Cage Fighters and Classiness



Once elbows and cages get involved, you can throw class straight out the window!

On What Makes Nick Diaz Special



Legitimately, only Nick Diaz and The Undertaker can punch a dude in the head and also choke someone with a gogoplata.

On Life






So the Diaz life cycle is: grow up wanting to be a ninja, get a car that you have to make payments on, hopefully acquire a family that you then have to feed, bring home bread, then drive nice cars.

On Nomenclature




I have to admit, I kind of agree with Nick regarding the term “training camp”.

On the Importance of Swimming


What kind of crazy person looks at a room full of people and wonders how many would survive if the building flooded? Only Nick “Seasonally” Diaz, of course.

On Drugs






Nick Diaz believes that everyone, especially Georges St. Pierre is on steroids, and also he is incapable of passing a drug test for weed.

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