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Six weeks ago, two college girls named Eileen Mellon and Ashlee Skweres were involved in a late-night accident on Interstate 64 in Virginia in which their vehicle flipped and rolled three times before settling to a stop.  The first person to pull over to see if they were okay?  Allen Iverson.

"I turned the car off," recalled Mellon… "I just figured I should do that. We were fine. And then there was someone knocking on the window, asking if we were all right. He told us to roll down the window. I had to turn the car back on. He pulled Ashlee out. I looked up and said, 'Oh my God, you're Allen Iverson.' He got us out." […]

"I feel good that they're appreciative," Iverson said in a telephone conversation during a break in the Denver Nuggets' training camp. "I look at it as just being a human being. They needed help. People have helped me."

Okay, so it's not like he performed CPR or gave life-saving first aid.  But he was ready to, man.  And all this was kept under wraps for six weeks because AI's so modest.  It's kind of like that time I saw a chick fall down the subway stairs, and instead of laughing I said, "Are you okay?"  I've never talked about it until now, but I'm fully aware of the sacrifice I made.  I mean, it was pretty hilarious.  And I kept a totally straight face and sounded sincere and everything.


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