Amy Poehler Said That Athletes Made The Best ‘SNL’ Hosts

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Amy Poehler shared a story about a Saturday Night Live sketch with LeBron James, who’s apparently kind of a big deal right now. Although she says the sketch “went so well that everyone was like, ‘Let’s not do it again!’ ” (LeBron, use your LeBrains!), the anecdote led to the topic of athletes as SNL hosts. According to Poehler, athletes actually make for the best hosts because, unlike actors who need their egos massaged, you can just say with athletes, “Don’t say it like that! Stand over there.” They also have a really nice area where their shoulders go into their forearms, supposedly.

She later talked about how she used to be a high-school basketball player, following her semi-professional father, although she was actually better at chatter than the game itself:

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)