An NFL Player’s Wife Went Absolutely Nuclear On The League In An Epic Twitter Rant

Miko Grimes, the wife of Dolphins CB Brent Grimes, went on quite a twitter rant on Monday evening following her husband’s appearance at the NFL’s Pro Bowl. First she accused the league of shady practices, claiming the NFL pulled Brent’s appearance fees after he was excused from a practice to care for her following emergency oral surgery in nearby Phoenix. From there it escalated into a full attack of the NFL’s character. It’s a fun read if you want to start at the bottom and work your way up, but to save time, I’ve condensed them all into one large block quote.

Warning: A lot of this is NSFW. I also didn’t do anything with the spelling or grammar mistakes because I wanted you to get the full effect. Enjoy.

For those of u that dont know, i had emergency oral surgery on Thursday. My husband was concerned for me, so he asked coach Garrett if he could miss practice to be there for me bcuz i was stressed and in a lot of pain. Coach Garrett and NFL exec excused him from practice to be there for me. Well… Apparently, the right hand of the nfl didnt tell the left hand he wouldnt be there that day, so they yanked his paid appearances & are not happy with him. What kind of message does that send to the players? Do they think they are above family? WTF was he supposed to do? Stay at a PRO BOWL practice while his wife is in pain that equates child birth? Was him missing a fan autograph session worthy of sh*itting on him nfl? Havent u guys sh*t on him enough? Him missing practice made u guys take the MVP from him? The nfl is the SH*TTIEST, SHADIEST, DISRESPECTFUL professional sport in the WORLD!!! & as long as i breathe air, i will talk sh*t about em! Why the hell cant u guys cut him a f*cking BREAK? nfl do u see how hard he plays? Do u see the dedication? The toughness? U b*tches blind? There is NO REASON ALL ALL why Brent Grimes shouldnt have been MVP of the defense!!! NONE!!!! Do u hear me?????? U have these BULLSH*T ass NOMORE campaigns going on about domestic violence and sexual assault when we all know u dont GAF about women! I have friends that were beaten, thrown down stairs WHILE PREGNANT, guys arrested, & nfl suspended them 1 F*CKING GAME! Now yall care? FOH They asked helped it stay quiet bcuz its none of their business until Ray Rice clocked his now wife on camera. Then all of a sudden NOMORE? GET THE F*CK OUTTA HERE NFL!!!!! Im not being quiet about this bullsh*t NOMORE!! The nfl only gives a f*ck about themselves! They dont care about these players and their families. Dont let these *ssholes fool u! Im contemplating naming SEVERAL players that the nfl violated the concussion rules with players but that would take down ppl i care about.

The rant sort of devolved from there into a mess of manual and non-manual retweets, but that was incredible. Tupac would have been proud.