04.04.07 11 years ago 3 Comments

A Minnesota family living about 60 miles south of Minneapolis is trying to create an obstacle course for tanks and armored vehicles.

Tony Borglum and his family want to let customers drive tanks, scout cars and armored personnel carriers through an obstacle course that would likely feature small hills and varying terrain, according to their application for a permit from Waseca County… Borglum has imported four armored vehicles from England, and may add four more soon. The cannons on the vehicles have been disabled.

I have an idea.  Wanna drive a tank obstacle course?  Do it the old-fashioned way: sign this contract.  You can drive over bone-jarring berms, crush cars in a manner that makes monster trucks look like bitches, knock vans into ditches, fell telephone poles, drive through concrete walls, and the final test involves maneuvering through a minefield and crossing over a partially detonated bridge that may or may not hold up while you traverse it.  And you do it sleep-deprived and under fire. 

But no, have a lark in your silly playground, rich assholes.  Military vehicles are frivolous family fun.  Whee!

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