And Now, Two Australian Footballers Getting Emotional About Interviewing The Rock

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.17.14 6 Comments

As regular readers of With Leather know, we love Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and would burst into tears if we found out we were interviewing him. “What’s it like being a giant millionaire?” “Are you gonna play Black Adam at some point or am I just making that up?” “Which was your favorite joke about how your dick is a pastry?”

For a similar reaction, check out this (honestly heartwarming) clip of two Australian footballers finding out they’re going to interview The Rock and getting verklempt. GWS Giants players Adam Treloar and Adam Kennedy are the lucky interviewers, and wrestling jokes aside, it’s endearing to watch a couple of guys find out they’re gonna get to talk to their idol. I hope he drops in a “what’s the difference between Australian rules football and rugby?/IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THE DIFFERENCE IS BETWEEN AUSTRALIAN RULES FOOTBALL AND RUGBY” joke.

I also hope there’s one smarky dude on the Giants who’s like, “pfft, The Rock, film a viral video of me when Cesaro comes over.”

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