03.15.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

When Andre Aggasi and Pete Sampras took the court against each other, you could always count on magic. And recently, almost four years after either of them had played competitively, the rivalry was renewed.

Aggasi and Sampras faced off in one of those doubles matches where everyone is mic’d up and they talk to the crowd. And then after the principles starting jawing, Sampras performed a not-so-flattering tribute of his fellow countryman. And then it got a little uncomfortable.

I’m somewhat amazed that Sampras didn’t drop the “At least I wasn’t doing meth,” or “At least Brooke Shields didn’t dump me.” Or “Where’s your hairpiece?” You left a lot of material on the table, Pete. Those hairplugs must have been installed a little too deep. via Ehrl The Pearl.

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