Andre Johnson Had A Mic On Sunday

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12.03.10 4 Comments

When I saw that there was a video of Andre Johnson with a mic on him from Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans, I thought, “Damn I’m handsome, and this should be one hell of an entertaining video.” Then I watched it and I thought, “This is great because I didn’t sleep very well last night and this was boring enough to do the trick.” Unfortunately, Johnson either didn’t say much leading up to his remarkable pounding of Cortland Finnegan or the people at Sound FX took some liberties with the editing.

Either way, the video at least confirms what we already knew – Finnegan was getting tired of Matt Schaub and Johnson dinking and dunking the Titans’ secondary into submission and he figured he could get under Johnson’s skin. And he did, and we all thank him for it, because watching Finnegan get his ass kicked was certainly one of the highlights of my 2010 NFL season. As for the highlights of Johnson’s lip service, I guess the best of his chatter was telling Finnegan, “Don’t get frustrated now” after he grabbed Johnson’s face mask for the first time.

But Houston QB Matt Schaub has the line of the day, as he told his teammates in the huddle: “Keep your poise now, let’s try to get them to do some dumb sh*t.” I’d say that getting Andre Johnson to punch you three times while pushing your face into the ground is some pretty stupid sh*t, so job well done, Texans!

Video of Johnson mic’d up after the jump as well as the fight that keeps on giving…

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