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Andre Davis the Giant Aggasi Smith seemed like one of those players that, when the Bengals drafted him with their first round pick in April, would turn out to be a really good player or a total waste of human life. Early returns do not look promising, after claiming to have driven to Bloomington, Indiana for a high school linemen camp that was happening in Bloomington, Illinois. Wonder what GPS language setting he was using? From Ray Melick’s blog:

As many of us from this part of the country would do, when he heard “Bloomington” he assumed “Bloomington, Indiana,” home of the University of Indiana. So that’s where he says he went.

Smith was due at the camp on Monday morning, June 22. He arrived about 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. The camp ended on Wednesday.

So he was only about 30 hours late…what’s the big deal? They should be grateful that he even bothered showing up at all. And I’m sure the young people at that camp had a great time picking the porous brain of one of football’s great minds. I almost went with “Mr. Smith Goes To Bloomington” for the hed, but my punctuation fetish won out in the end–it (usually) does!

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