Did Andy Murray Out His Teammate On Live TV For Cheating On His Girlfriend?

Did Andy Murray let the cat out of the bag and accidentally out a teammate on live TV? It certainly seems that way.

In this video, Murray’s being interviewed by British Eurosport following a Davis Cup victory in Glasgow. When the topic shifts to post-match celebrations, Murray casually drops a reference to partying with Dominic Inglot’s girlfriend. “Dom’s got a little girlfriend on the go here, so he’ll maybe celebrate with her this evening.”

But wait, Inglot has a girlfriend back home. A girlfriend he presumably loves and cares for very much, and this got awkward in a hurry.

Inglot tried to save face on Twitter.

As a keen observer of the human condition, allow me to say “NOPE.” No way. You just got caught, sir. You just “landed him in it,” Andy. Way to go.